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Beadwrangler Recommendations for Beginners

Learn Bead Crochet from Scratch! - the best and most thorough way to learn bead crochet

Shiloh Ropes - quick, easy projects where you learn the basics of bead crochet

Sedona Chic - an easy bead crochet rope; instruction book contains lots of options for future ropes

Romancing the Bag - two easy bead crochet amulet bag projects plus a bead crochet rope pattern


A word about Bead Spinners

If you are going to be doing a lot of bead crochet, I recommend a bead spinner.
The amount of beads that you string onto your crochet thread in 30 minutes can be done with a bead spinner in 2 minutes!

Some of the kits listed below entail quite a bit of bead stringing.  In those cases, I have recommended the use of a bead spinner.

After using a bead spinner on lots of different projects over the years, I designed my own improved bead spinner.
It comes with complete instructions and a needle guide for stringing large and small beads directly onto your crochet thread.
You can read about it and order one at my Bead Spinner Page at 7 Echoes.


Scratch Kit Learn
Bead Crochet
from Scratch!
A personal workshop with The Beadwrangler in which you will learn step by step with three sizes of thread and three sizes of beads.   When you complete the workshop, you be making ropes and beaded bags easily and proficiently.    $49.95
Sedona Chic Sedona Chic
A Bead Crochet Kit
An elegant bead crochet rope that can be worn flat or twisted into a spiral.  Includes extensive instructions for adding a designer bead either inline or as a pendant.
Sedona Ridge Sedona Ridge
A Bead Crochet Kit
Select from the subtle matte colors or the lustrous pearl colors.  Each Sedona Ridge necklace has a secondary ridge bead that gives your crocheted rope a unique look.
Sedona Lariat Sedona Lariat
A Bead Crochet Kit
Great looking and versatile 42" bead crochet lariat.  Pearl and rainbow solids as well as those beautiful Beadwrangler mixes.  A unique Beadwrangler rope design.  Bead Spinner recommended.
Shimmy Shan Shimmy Shan Doll
A Bead Crochet Kit
She's a doll, a sculpture, a decoration.She's a necklace, a choker, a bracelet.  This is a real collector's item and contains no difficult crochet stitches.  Check out the animations.  Bead Spinner recommended. 
Keychain Shiloh Ropes
A Bead Crochet Kit
This kit is great for those wanting to learn bead crochet.  The projects are quick and easy.  The kit contains material for three bead crochet key chains.  The Instuction Booklet contains additional patterns, formulas & instructions for earrings, necklaces and lariats - a $200.00 value
Shiloh Lariat Shiloh Lariat
A Bead Crochet Kit
A crochet rope with tassels in any length you choose.  Fun to make and fun to wear!  Available in all the Beadwrangler Seed Bead Mix colors.  Bead Spinner recommended. 
Marrakech Bag Romancing the Bag
A Bead Crochet Kit
Make your own amulet bag with bead crochet.  Two patterns to choose from: The Marrakech Bag and The Casablanca Bag.  Also includes a bead crochet rope necklace that can be worn with or without your amulet bag.  Available in 33 colors.
Taco Chip Pendant Taco Chip Surprise
A Bead Crochet Kit
Two kits in one.  A crocheted amulet bag using gemstone chips and a matching beaded necklace.  Can be worn separate or together.  Choose from 8 gemstones.


Learn More about Bead Crochet
  • Basic Bead Crochet Stitches shown in Right-handed and Left-handed Animations

  • Visit the Beadwrangler Bead Crochet Rope Primer.
    Step-by-step instructions with photos showing you how to
    add a bead to each stitch in your crochet rope.
Right-handed Version

Left-handed Version


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