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Beads and fiber are my life and I love to show off the beauty of both in my creations.  I have found that bead crochet offers the most versatility of all the fiber techniques to achieve my goal of combining fiber with beads.

Explore with me the many  possibilities available in bead crochet.

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New Inside Bead Crochet is now posted.

A Bead Crochet Critter!

A Schmoo Party

Schmoo are mythical critters that bring you happiness and good luck.  Once you create a schmoo, you can add various embellishments to make it your own unique critter.  They make unforgettable gifts and are always the center of attention.  Once you hold a schmoo in your hand, you will never want to be without it.  Schmoo are small and can be carried in your bag to keep you company.


Schmoo Lore

Retro Ropes!
My latest bead crochet kit series

I was so impressed with the ropes I created with the "retro stitch" that I scoured the fiber world for new crochet threads.

The Retro kits come in all sizes of seed beads (15/0, 11/0, 8/0 & 6/0).  You can create ropes with solid beads, Beadwrangler seed bead mix, or clear crystal beads using metallic threads or variegated threads.

Be sure to visit
Beadwrangler's Retro Rope Series
Retro Ropes Gallery

Now you can learn bead crochet from the Beadwrangler.

Learn Bead Crochet from Scratch! 
A personal workshop with the Beadwrangler

Click here for complete information about the bead crochet package I have been working on for the last several months.  I start you with big, thick thread and no beads!.  Then we work through big thread with big beads, medium thread with medium beads and finally thin thread with little beads - the same beads and thread you would use to make all  those great looking bead crochet ropes, bags, necklaces and lariats.   When you finish this workshop, you will be a pro!

For an independent review of this workshop package, click to the review by Paula Morgan at

Here's one email I have received regarding my "Learn from Scratch! Workshop".

Dear Lydia-
Fifteen years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Hawaii.  The flight from Chicago to Hawaii was long and somewhat anxiety-producing due to the long flight over the ocean.  When we reached the west coast the captain pointed out the Golden Gate Bridge, then we were asked to close our blinds so that those who had purchased the movie could see it in comfort.  We were served beverages, a meal, watched the movie, and before we knew it we were almost to our designation.  We had soared over the ocean almost without thinking about it.  We successfully arrived at our designation and achieved our goal. Taking your bead crochet course provided me with a similar experience of reaching my goal (beaded crochet ropes) while hardly realizing how quickly and fearlessly I was reaching my destination.  The psychology you used and the skill-building you encouraged in your lessons was fabulous.  I took a beaded rope crochet course at my local bead store and was extremely frustrated.  I then spent 20 plus anxious, stressful hours trying to learn on my own from the instructions provided with the class.  I was unable to get more than 2 "rows" done before producing an indistinguishably shaped mass of beads and thread.  What a mess!  Thanks to you, I just finished a 7" long rope 10 beads around, and it looks great!  Thank you, THANK YOU!  Your course was fun, easy to follow, allowed me small successes along the way, built my confidence, and TAUGHT me to bead crochet.  I am successful and so happy to have found your website and purchased your course.

Floral MontageNew Beading Kit
My newest beading kit, Floral Treasures, is now available.  I introduced this kit at Bead Expo 2001 in Miami and it was a tremendous hit.  It took me awhile to put the webpage together that provides all the information about this new kit.  If you would like to take a look, here is a link straight to the Floral Treasures kit page at the Beadwrangler Mall - Floral Treasures.

To contact the host of beadcrochet dot com write to Lydia F Borin   Email:


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